The manager of R. S. Engineering Ltd. in interview for OK property magazine

 R. S. Engineering is a building company established in 1994 and specialized in the filed of the residential and administrative construction. The company is a registered member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. For its activities Investment, construction and entrepreneurship R. S .Engineering has a certificate for a registered system of quality management delivered in compliance with the requirements under ISO 9001:2001 from the British Certification Institute.


We interview the manager of the company dipl.eng. Rashko Staykov in occasion to the 15th anniversary of the enterprise.


Mr. Staykov what is your evaluation for these 15 years of professional history?

For the staff of the company the past 15 years were a period of hard working with the constant ambition for quality implementation of our developments and most of all mutual respect between the colleagues in the team, respect to our families, partners and customers. Over these years there was a huge incertitude and it was difficult to plan and schedule our long-term activity. Anyway during the years our experience made us more resistant and now we are satisfied with our achievements. It’s a pleasure for me to underline that all my colleagues we started to work, are still working with us and our young collaborators, which are the major part of our staff have the opportunity to learn and gain their competences from exceptional professionals.


What is your company philosophy?

For me the basic values not only in the business filed but in life are the responsibility, the correctness and impeccable professionalism. We are aiming to create buildings that are not only a sum of separate entrances with apartments, but each one of them has its own vision and style because we truly believe that “THE HOME” is a whole concept for harmonious and fulfilled life.


What is your evaluation of the construction business state in the present economic situation? Are you optimistic for the future?

The past 20 years brought many crisis moments not only to the construction sector but to the whole society as well. Difficulties we will always have. Even there is no prescription for doing well in less favorable economic situations I am sincerely convinced that the good project, the quality performance and the adequate to the market proposition are the key to the success. All these give me confidence and optimism for the future because our professional experience allowed us to build the foundations of the sustainable development

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