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ARENA BOTEVGRAD sports hall is a result of "R.S Engineering” Ltd Construction Company’s team’s inspiration and professionalism.

ARENA BOTEVGRAD is a modern, multifunctional sport facility with a capacity of maximum 5 000 seats.

The built up area of the hall is 4 590 sq.m, and the total built up area is 9 520 sq.m

The building features a compact streamlined shape, developed in four functional levels. It has mixed construction including one-piece elements, reinforced concrete elements, and frame structures with reinforced concrete blocks. The metal roofing frame over the playground of the hall is of steel, 68 meters long trussed frames – hingeless arch truss that form frames with cross inclined steel columns modeling the northern facade of the building.
The roof is constructed by layered installation - LT sheet metal Ruukki, insulation Knauf Insolation and cover layer with membrane Mapei, produced by POLYGLASS ® SpA.

The plastic northern facade provokes the visitor’s imagination as a draped curtain behind which the audience will enjoy the sports show. Volumes and planes treated with contrasting materials are interlacing: airy glazed windows at the entrances with dense, draped in white, sections.

Modern, vanguard materials and technologies are used for this architectural effect to be achieved.

All facades of the multifunctional Botevgrad Arena sports hall can be ventilated. They consist of bearing wall construction, insulation, ventilation layer, suspension system and facing layer of facade panels.

The artistic main facade is precisely finished with HPL (High Pressure Laminates) panels FunderMax, mounted on aluminum suspension system. These panels are made of thermo-bonded plastic materials resistant to moisture, weather, scratches and chemicals. They are characterized by excellent resistance to temperature effects and are easily mounted and maintained. The insulation that is used is 12 cm mineral wool/silicate cotton Rockwool, glass fiber backed and mounted on OSB panels and metal supporting frame.

The other three walls are filled with trapezoidal sheet metal Ruukki as a final layer and Rockwool silicate cotton coffers, mounted on a metal supporting frame. The inside parts of the outer walls are lined with plasterboard. Parts of the facades are designed as glass curtain walls and are filled with Wicona profiles and glass Gloverbel.

Thus all lining elements surrounding the sports hall provide high quality hydro, thermal and acoustic insulation.

The building has eight entrances/exits. Six of them (the main entrances/exits) designated for the audience are located on the northern facade, and actually are integrated into the windows doors Dorma. The entrances/exists located on the eastern facade are these for the athletes, journalists and VIP guests. The entrances bring into antechambers with check/control cross posts, ticket-offices and lobby. The access to the various levels of the building is provided through four staircases and two lifts


The game room has a clear height of 12.85 m. The playground’s dimensions are 24/44 meters and it meets the requirements for playing fields for basketball, volleyball and handball, with the necessary easement zone.
The primary intended use of the hall is to host sport events. The sports equipment is produced by one of the most famous companies in this field - Schelde, in particular basketball Super Sam 325 and electronic bulletin board Bodet, France


The playing field is covered with removable dismountable wooden floor - Speed Lock S20, licensed product of Tarket, Germany - leading company in sports flooring production. Disassembly of the flooring allows the safe use of the hall for non-sport events like concerts, exhibitions and other social events. There is a possibility for the installation of an additional sectional/prefabricated scene.
The stand seats and seats in the VIP grandstands are of highest class with regards to the ergonomics and comfort.

To ensure optimum acoustic comfort in the hall acoustic panels and sound system are mounted there. The lighting of the sports ground is guaranteed by the metal haloide floodlights.
Fire Safety of the game room is provided by fume roof hatches produced by the French company Hexadome and by the set up fire alarm system. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning of the room are provided by chillers Climaveneta, powered by electricity and gas.

Along the eastern, southern and western facing walls of the sports hall are arranged the main service facilities - changing rooms for the athletes, coaches and referees, conference and meeting rooms, offices, medical consulting room, doping laboratory, control room, commentators panel/booths and television studio, facilities for the security, cloakrooms, and public lavatories. All of them are tailored to the capacity of the sport hall and meet the regulatory requirements.

All materials that are used for the joinery of all building’s service areas are of proven quality, produced by leading Bulgarian and European manufacturers - heterogeneous PVC flooring of Gerflor, tiles from Refin Ceramiche /Italy/ sanitary equipment Vidima, tailor made handrails for stairs and furniture for the changing rooms.

The exterior space surrounding ARENA BOTEVGRAD, with an area of 4 acres, is organized in a manner highlighting the sleek and stylish look of the building. The square in front of the hall has several striking key locations: a fountain and a flagpole located in the central axis put the accent on the main hall entrance hall, two groups flagpoles situated at both sides of the main northern facade mark out and direct towards the remaining audience entrances, the spectacular lighting embedded in the pavement illuminates at night the plastic facade and the main hall entrance is further accentuated by colored LED lighting. At the contours of the exterior space are located gardens and sitting places. The elements used for the exterior furnishings - light poles, benches, bins, and the pavement are manufactured by proven Bulgarian producers.

The construction company "R.S Engineering" Ltd. has completed building of the multifunctional hall ARENA BOTEVGRAD for two years. Now the beauty of the building enjoys everyone around. Build in accordance with all modern requirements and standards, with high-grade materials and equipment, this sport hall has become the symbol of the excellent engineering work of the construction company as well as of the developed sports tradition of Botevgrad Municipality.

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