Multifunctional building SKYWAVES

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Multifunctional building SKYWAVES
Multifunctional building SKYWAVES
Multifunctional building SKYWAVES
Multifunctional building SKYWAVES
Multifunctional building SKYWAVES

The project Skywaves is the result of multi-layered research and reflects the knowledge to achieve the best working conditions and creative productivity (efficiency) of people in modern business.

Skywaves is a class A business building with the comfort and coziness of this standard.

Its concept and philosophy have two main purposes:


  • The realization of a boutique building, in which each floor has its own individuality as a separate office, with an interior space and optimal working conditions, with natural light and a wonderful view outside


  • Impressive and memorable vision of the building, standing out emblematic in the surrounding environment.


To fulfil these purposes a clean plan and functional solution of the building has been achieved and an architectural image reflecting the dynamics of the environment has been built, with a emphasized effect of soaring as a symbol of the zeal and the rising development of the business.


The memorable building is visible on the axis of "Okolovrasten pat" Blvd from the roundabout of the crossroad with "Cherni Vrah" Blvd. to the intersection with "Bratya Bukston" Blvd.


All the factors relating to building orientation, access, urban planning requirements and basic Feng Shui criteria are taken into account when designing the project.

With an outstanding silhouette and a height of 45 m, Skywaves is also a counterpoint to the surrounding construction, bringing a new direction in its architectural appearance.


Its facade is a mirror of the idea of the dynamics of the environment. It is revealed from a distance, aware and changing in motion.


The shape of the building is further enhanced by the choice of façade materials - predominantly white and silver tones of glass and aluminum elements, as well as the designed impressive LED lighting.

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